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Smart Machine technology is something that many people talk about and it has many different forms. Royal Master two year ago introduced AMO. Advanced Machine Optimization. It is a fancy name for machines being smart enough to feedback critical information to make your process better. What kind of information is available? Three of the most important are:

  • Machine efficiency and all the components individually that makes up the calculation such as
    • Dress time
    • Out of cycle time
    • Faults and time to reset the fault
  • Post process gauging data
  • Machine faults

What makes all of this different from what other talk about, we make it available in the palm of your hand on any IOS, Android or Windows Device. Royal Master developed an App for their machines. Over the last two years customer have increased their efficiencies by looking at the current processes and fining ways to increase productivity. One of our favorites was the 30 minute lunch break that was an average of 48 minutes. Losing 108 parts per day at 6ppm, they figured over the last two years they lost 28,620 parts of pure profit. Taking it a step further with their gauging data they recoded in AMO they determined a auto comp schedule that allowed them to reliably run their machine through lunch.

In addition to this, we found companies using this powerful APP to answer the question “Why don’t our second and third shifts produce as much as first shift?” You can see historical and real time data about operator habits, machine efficiencies and even a countdown to a predetermined maintenance schedule.

Management can access this information at any time, and from anywhere, giving them the real time status they need. Managers can keep on top of their production and address any problems as soon as possible. Real time data helps save on costly downtime, warn of potential upcoming service, and verify production. Where do you get all this information? On your Apple or Android device and via the web. It’s all that simple.


Getting updated manufacturing reports is a lot of work!

Large companies might do this as a custom report. Some have operators punch in data and then log into a VPN or remote system to access that data. The ability to get this data becomes the burden of the managers. Putting in place the mechanisms needed to monitor their process can take time and resources. Not every company is capable or willing to put in this work, but Royal Master Grinders is! As technology advances and we become a more connected world, getting the information you want and need is easy. Now, there’s an App for that – AMO!

Access to Information with Advanced Machine Optimization (AMO)

On the windows-based machine control, all you need is the following:

  • Internet connection (with TCP port open)
  • AMO app for iOS, Android, and via the web