BOOTH N-6626
IMTS 2021

Accessories Section

Take Apart Machine TG-12×4

What happened here? Did you run out of time??? No, this is what we like to call “The Take Apart Machine.” This is brought to the Show to provide a “Hands On” and a “Look under the Hood” opportunity for those of you who want to learn more or figure out what makes your machine “Tick.”

Take a look at the Interactive Customer Screen Kiosk for Videos of Machine Demos.

Here we have a Machine Base and a Work Bench. Depending on when you visit the booth, the following list of components could be on either surface. The idea is to examine and experience how the components work and go together.

There is a:

  • Take Apart Headstock and Spindle
  • Take Apart Regulating Wheel Housing
  • Take Apart Hi-Acc Ram Bed and Upper Ram showing cut-out of Cross Rollerways
  • Take Apart Work Rest Holder, Infeed and Thrufeed
  • Take Apart Wheel Dressers
  • Take Apart Regulating Wheel Servo Motor Drive System
  • Auto Dress Retrofit Package
  • Thrufeed Sizing Dial and Infeed Lever
  • Coolant Tank Filter Bag System
  • Roller Hold Down Assembly
  • Long Guide Fixture
  • Micrometer Adjustable Work Rest Holder
  • Hold Down Guide Assembly
  • Wheel Balancing Stand
  • Wheel Mount, Spacer and narrow Work Wheel
  • Micrometer Positive Stop
  • Auto Ejector Stop
  • Bolt Action Loader
  • Collection of all available Dressing Diamonds
  • Lateral Adjustment for Regulating Wheel Housing

Come and have a look for yourself. Ask the questions you always wondered about and then you can become the expert.

Just in case you wondered, this machine will not be sending an e-mail report to “Arnold’s World.”

For more information on this product and for an evaluation of how it might benefit your grind application, contact Royal Master Grinders at