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TG 12×4 High Accuracy

This machine is the Royal Master Centerless Grinder Model TG-12×4 with High Accuracy Ram Bed Position Control. The focus of this display is to introduce our new machine control and operator interface.

The HMI is a 24-inch diagonal touch screen. The computer is a 2.4 Giga Hertz processor and with the option of our CNC Dresser, runs G code for dressing profiles. There is a user friendly up-front software package for simple interaction. The new menu screen shows each machine function as a selectable tile. The operator has options to customize the user interface and display 3 active screens simultaneously. This machine control is more powerful and more modular than previous controllers. This means the controller runs more programs simultaneously which is faster and has greater expansion capabilities for I/O. The Ether Cat network provides for much simpler diagnosis and configuration from main screen for remote connections. Thanks to technology advances, the new controller is faster and easier to navigate.

We are set up to infeed grind a multiple diameter fluid control valve. The tolerance for diameter, roundness and surface finish are extremely tight. We have a bolt action part loader to assist the operator in delivering the part between the wheels. The infeed grind is semi-automatic. When the loader switch is made, the ram bed closes according to the infeed grind parameters. When the grind is complete, the ram bed retracts, and the part drops off the blade in to a catch pan. A sweep cylinder extends and delivers the fresh ground part back to the operator for retrieval and inspection.

The tooling for this grind includes templates for tracing the part profile in to the wheels. Over the wheel single point dressers have a motor traverse for precise control of the diamond. Optional automatic dresser can be added which includes a motor down feed, so dressing can happen without the operator. Just program an increment and number of passes and start the dresser. This allows the operator to tend to other activities during a changeover.

The machine is available with CNC Ram Bed Position Control, speed control of the grinding wheel with frequency invertor, multiple language screen displays, internet connectivity for remote access, feedback from gauge systems for automatic adjustments, BEDROCK machine bed. The machine is capable of extreme close tolerance grinding of multiple diameters and transitions.

This latest version of the Royal Master High accuracy centerless grinder maintains a compact footprint and user-friendly machine controls. We have advanced the electronics to provide more flexible and more robust platform for our machine and accessories controls. The BEDROCK foundation is an accurate and rigid machine.

The machine automatically reports its functions to the Advanced Machine Optimization (A.M.O.) cloud database. By activating the AMO feature on your Royal Master your grinder will start to report machine specific information to our secure cloud database. Receive up to date reports of how your machine is performing and have the app remind you of your PM based on time of use. Check error logs, part counts, cycle times, part numbers and more. With AMO, you can stay connected to your grinding process and receive up to date information to optimize your manufacturing process.

The ram bed position control is our high accuracy frictionless cross roller way with ball screw and servo motor movement. A glass scale with one tenth of a micron resolution reports the position to the machine controller. The HMI is 24 inch touch screen with all machine function controls. The Windows base programming is remote accessible for data report sending and diagnostic connectivity.

The wheel spindles are supported by class 7 ABEC angular contact ball bearings. This high quality rigid spindle support design yields long life with superior roundness and size control.

The machine sits on our BEDROCK Series, 8-inch-thick granite with deep and wide machined coolant troughways. Rigidity and thermal stability are the benefit of this granite bed.

The electrical cabinet houses all electronic hardware in a spacious, convenient and well-organized enclosure.

Royal Master Grinders uses the latest in Parker machine controls. The motors, drives and motion control hardware are the latest in technology with EPL connectivity. This reduces components and provides much faster communication speeds.

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