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TG-12×8 Infeed High Accuracy

This machine is the Royal Master centerless grinder Model TG-12×8. We are hand loading the part into the formed wheels and a profiled work rest blade. The ram bed position control is our High Accuracy system with motor and encoder increments of 4 millionths of an inch or 1/10th of a micron. The movement is over frictionless cross rollerways.

The 1.5-inch diameter part is ground on two diameters with a large diameter head which remains unground. The grinding wheel form is dressed with a single point diamond traversing in an over the wheel template profile. The Regulating wheel is also dressed with a template trace and a single point diamond. These wheel dressers use a motor drive with ball screw automatic traverse.
Ram Bed positioning is coordinated with the Parker machine control. The operator interface is a 17-inch touch screen with Windows 7 Professional along with the latest hardware and user-friendly software. Screens are easily navigated and provide flexibility of parameter inputs, retrieval of pre-saved grind recipes and dress recipes as well as communication to feed systems. Remote access for diagnostic tools and report sending are standard.

The machine automatically reports its functions to the Advanced Machine Optimization (A.M.O.) cloud database. By activating the AMO feature on your Royal Master your grinder will start to report machine specific information to our secure cloud database. Receive up to date reports of how your machine is performing and have the app remind you of your PM based on time of use. Check error logs, part counts, cycle times, part numbers and more. With AMO, you can stay connected to your grinding process and receive up to date information to optimize your manufacturing process.

The Model TG-12×8 is available in Infeed, Thrufeed, as well as Hi-Accuracy and CNC versions, this machine has a part grind capacity of 3” (75mm) in diameter. It offers a grinding wheel diameter of 12” (300mm) and a regulating wheel diameter of 8” (203mm), both wheels are 8” (203mm) wide.

The grinding wheel spindle design has three sets of class 7 ABEC angular contact Timken bearings inside a larger headstock with an outboard self centering bearing set for a twin grip design. This design gives the grinding wheel spindle superior accuracy. The regulating wheel, with its 2.25” (57mm) diameter spindle and Timken bearings allows for the most demanding applications to be ground with zero deflection. The 8” (203mm) diameter regulating wheel allows for closer tolerance with larger diameter work.

The machine sits on our 8” (203mm) thick Starrett surface plate quality granite. The granite bed forms a perfect platform for such a robust spindle design. The granite known for its rigidity and thermal properties provides a superior platform to other machines on the market that have thinner cast iron beds and makes it as strong as those who have machine platforms twice the physical size of the TG-12×8.

The Ram bed positioning has also been upgraded with a longer and wider ram bed. With our High Accuracy machine controls and ram bed positioning option, the upper ram travels over Frictionless Cross Roller Ways for the smoothest, most efficient and accurate movements. This friction-free ram system coupled with a Direct coupled Motor and Ball Screw allows for precise micron movements. The movements reference directly from the .1-micron glass scale linear encoder. The Ball Screw and Direct Coupled Servo Motor is controlled by a Parker Motion Control EPL system to deliver fine Ram Bed Position adjustments when Infeed and Thrufeed Grinding. The entire Ram Bed swivels with the Work Rest Holder to simplify adjustments and changeovers.

We added stepper motors and ball screws to our dressers for programmable traverse rates as standard equipment. With this new platform, wheel dressers are offered as Air Sensing, Automatic dressing, over the wheel CNC as well as Rotary Diamond Disk CNC platforms. On the TG-12×8 we upgraded our regulating wheel servo drive with 170-foot pounds of continuous torque, with a 8:1 gearbox.
The main spindle motor is 10 Hp. The entire Ram Bed swivels with the Work Rest Holder to simplify adjustments and changeovers. The Operator Control Screen provides digital setting of Regulating Wheel Speed, Wheel Dressing parameters as well as other standard machine controls.

Applications such as titanium bar stock, PCD diamond tools, and hard carbides are routine for this machine; other companies boast these applications. The TG-12×8 looks for larger diameter applications up to 3” in diameter that will put all this rigidity and engineering to good use. The TG-12×8 started with a robust spindle design and worked its way out.
The TG-12×8 is available for all types of grinding and loading applications including pick and place, robotic, and bowl feeding. In our booth at IMTS we have two systems, a TG-12×8 thrufeed grinding at a high thruput rate and a TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy system infeed grinding a 1.5-inch diameter part 8 inches long.

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