BOOTH N-6626
IMTS 2021

Booth 6626 Virtual Tour

Welcome to Royal Master Grinders Booth N-6626 at the IMTS 2018. We are proud to present to you the latest accomplishments of our Engineering and Application Specialist team. More importantly, we are anxious to hear feedback from you on what your application challenges are. Whether you can visit in person or visit our “Virtual Booth” on-line, we are thankful for your interest in our equipment.

Welcome to Royal Master Grinders Booth N-6626 at the IMTS 2018. We are proud to present to you the latest accomplishments of our Engineering and Application Specialist team. More importantly, we are anxious to hear feedback from you on what your application challenges are. Whether you can visit in person or visit this “Virtual Booth” on-line, we are thankful for your interest in our equipment.

Royal Master Grinders is presenting many new developments in Centerless Grinding capabilities. We have machines on the floor with wheels spinning, coolant flowing and parts grinding.

As you approach our booth, you will find us just left of center in the North Building. Our Diamond Plate floor sets us apart from others with an image of real grinders in the real world. Here on this floor, we are grinding parts, not just talking about it. So, stop in and let’s talk about your grinding applications.

Let’s walk through the booth together!

Starting at the right front corner, you will see eight machines, each of them under power and performing live demonstrations of their capabilities; grinding or measuring parts to close tolerance, some with full automation. Near the center of the booth is our Interactive Customer Screen Kiosk with video and Solid Models Drawings of Automation possibilities to fit your needs. There are several monitors running continuous videos of our grinders in action. We have an accessory table to show you actual machine components to help make your project more productive. Across the booth, you will find our hospitality station to sit and discuss what it is that brought you here.
TG-12×8 Thrufeed

Walking up to the first machine, you will see our Model TG-12×8 Thrufeed. This machine is demonstrating the ability to thrufeed grind at a high rate of 8,000 parts per hour. This machine is equipped with our 4-handle sizing dial with .0001” indicator for ram bed position control. The dovetails are hard chrome plated with Turcite coating. This machine has a multi-grit vitrified bond CBN wheel for extended life of the wheel and is dressed with an over the wheel dresser. This machine is a low-cost option for wider wheel and larger diameter part grinding. The parts are delivered to the machine with a CDS Lipe Manufacturing Step Feeder. The operator will bulk load parts into the Belt Conveyor/Hopper. The Hopper feeds parts to the Step Feeder. The Step Feeder orients and delivers parts to the Vee Conveyor. The Feed System maintains a constant flow of parts at a rate of 200 inches per minute.

TG-12×4 High Accuracy 7 Axis CNC

Moving over to the left, you will see a machine with our full enclosure and a robotic feed and gauge system. This machine is our most complete in the line of BEDROCK Series grinders. This is a Model TG-12×4 7 Axis Centerless Grinder. Here we are showing a Granite Bed, CNC Ram Bed positioning, CNC Wheel Dressing on both wheels, Robot Loading and Unloading from pallet trays and a keyence gauge system to monitor and control part size. Here two parts at a time are loaded, ground, unloaded, cleaned, gauged and palletized into a multi-tier pallet system. The new machine hood is available on all BEDROCK Series grinders including the TG-12×8.

TG 12 x 4 High Accuracy

Turn to your right and walk towards the back center of the booth floor. You see our Model TG-12×4 with High Accuracy Ram Bed and our new machine controls and interface. The new machine controls provide a large 24-inch diagonal touch screen HMI. The new menu screen shows each machine function as a selectable tile. The operator has options to customize the user interface and display 3 active screens simultaneously. Thanks to technology advances, the new controller is faster and easier to navigate. We are set up to infeed grind a multiple diameter fluid control valve. The tolerance for diameter, roundness and surface finish are extremely tight. We have a bolt action part loader to assist the operator in delivering the part between the wheels. When the grind is complete, the ram bed retracts, and the part drops off the blade in to a catch pan. A sweep cylinder extends and delivers the fresh ground part back to the operator for retrieval and inspection.

TG-12×4 Servo Cycle

From here, we walk back to “The Jobber Machine”. The machine gets its name because it is equipped to be low cost and fully capable of most any grind application that comes its way. It is what you would see in a Centerless Grind Job Shop. This is our TG-12×4 with a Servo Cycle for ram bed positioning. This is convenient and accurate for both Thrufeed and Infeed grinding. We use a servo motor and ball screw to position the ram bed. The touch screen operator interface can recall infeed grind cycle parameters, make size adjustments, control part feeders, etc. The Outboard Bolt Action Loader is universal for many different part geometries. Here we use it to load a headed part into the wheels. Straight wheels and blade for infeed grinding the shank. After the grind, the part drops off the blade and is swept back to the operator for retrieval. A micrometer part stop is used to position the part in the wheels.

Accessories Station

Next to the Jobber machine is our Accessories Table. Here we have some “cut-away” components allowing you to see and touch some of the inner workings of our grinder. You can really get hands on and examine the components, turn them upside down, examine the new Regulating Wheel Servo Drive System or whatever sparks your curiosity. Look at the spindles on the TG-12×4 and the TG-12×8. Examine the difference between the Micrometer Stop and the Ejector Stop.

Generation X3 Endodonic File Grinder –
9 Axis of Coordinated Motion

Now turn left and walk along the main aisle. Here we are grinding a fluted Endodontic File from a spool of raw material. This is our Model Generation X3 with a reduced footprint and new enclosure. The machine is like the original Gen X but with the addition of a fully programmable 4th Axis System. The 4th axis wheel is for grinding intricate profile features like helical grooves, ring grooves, points, bumps and flats. The footprint of this machine has been reduced significantly with the integration of the coolant filter and spool feeder below the base of the grinder. The machine enclosure contains all coolant and moving parts. This full part profile is ground and cut to length in one work holding in about 60 seconds depending on the part profile. This machine is completely automatic. It has CNC wheel dressing. It has two independent slide ways one for each grind zone. It has a coolant filter. It is available with an enclosure and a mist collection air filter. Raw material can be fed automatically from a spool. The new Royal Master Generation X3 puts an end to the multi-operation process of producing complex part profiles. This is a single machine with capabilities to generate each of these features in a part with just one work holding.

TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy Centerless Grinder

Okay, let’s turn left and walk across the center of the booth to the other side. This machine is the Royal Master centerless grinder Model TG-12×8. We are hand loading the part into the formed wheels and a profiled work rest blade. The 1.5-inch diameter part is ground on two diameters with a large diameter head which remains unground. The grinding wheel form is dressed with a single point diamond traversing in an over the wheel template profile. The Regulating wheel is also dressed with a template trace and a single point diamond. These wheel dressers use a motor drive with ball screw automatic traverse. The ram bed position control is our High Accuracy system with motor and encoder increments of 4 millionths of an inch or 1/10th of a micron. The movement is over frictionless cross rollerways. The Model TG-12×8 is available in Infeed, Thrufeed, as well as Hi-Accuracy and CNC versions, this machine has a part grind capacity of 3” (75mm) in diameter. It offers a grinding wheel diameter of 12” (300mm) and a regulating wheel diameter of 8” (203mm), both wheels are 8” (203mm) wide. The 8” (203mm) diameter regulating wheel allows for closer tolerance with larger diameter work.

The grinding wheel spindle design has three sets of class 7 ABEC angular contact Timken bearings inside a larger headstock with an outboard self-centering bearing set for a twin grip design. The granite bed forms a perfect platform for such a robust spindle design. The entire Ram Bed swivels with the Work Rest Holder to simplify adjustments and changeovers.

TG-12×4 Thrufeed

Looking to the left, we see the next machine. This is the Royal Master Grinders Model TG-12×4 Centerless Grinder set up to thrufeed grind. The machine is hand loaded but has an exit side collection ramp and bulk collection container. This makes it convenient for one person to continuously load parts in to the grinder for mid to high volume production. The Ram Bed Position Control has our upgrade option of a Ball Screw with Step Motor. The Pulse Generator dial allows for fine adjustment in increments of ten millionths of an inch. The Glass Scale Encoder Display gives a real position of the Ram Bed as it moves over Dovetail and Gib. This is a low-cost machine option and yet it will hold a .0001” diameter tolerance.

Laser Gauging System

Positioned near the TG-12×4 Thrufeed Grinder is our Part Profile Laser Measurement Gauge. The primary purpose of this gauge system is to measure the diameter profile of a guidewire. This Gauge is part of our BEDROCK SERIES of machines with its granite bed for Thermal Stability and Rigidity. The gauging process is an automated collection of data points by pulling the part through a LaserLinc brand Laser Micrometer Head while it is attached to a Parker High Speed Linear Servo Motor Table. The diameter data collection is by way of a dual axis reading for redundancy and verification. There are no lighting or pixel issues to deter the accuracy as with optical style data collection. The result is accurate measurements with intelligent analysis in a simple to use tool.

AMO – Advanced Machine Optimization

Don’t forget to stop by the Advanced Machine Optimization area of the booth with the orange floor. What’s AMO? It is a process control package that gives the machine user a wealth of knowledge to the grinding process. The  information gathered such as  When is your process running, How much product has your process manufactured? What is your process producing? Management could get this information anytime and anywhere, it could give them the real time status they need.  This would allow managers to keep on top of their production and address any problems as soon as possible. Real time data would help save on costly downtime, warn of potential upcoming service, and verify production. Where do you get all this information? On your smart device IOS, Android or windows browser. Its all that simple.

Hospitality Station

Along the back of the display is a Hospitality/Seating area and the Engineering and Automation Station. The Seating Area is a place to sit and rest your feet. We can look over your part drawings and discuss how you want to go about the grind. We can look over some past projects and see the Solid models of Feeders or Videos of machines where a similar job was delivered. Some of the monitors will be running videos of grinders with loaders in action. Some of the monitors are set up with real Solid Model projects to look at in the greatest detail. This is to provide you with the visualization of what we can do to make your grinding application more productive. No smoke and mirrors. No hearsay. Actual footage and proof in this booth.