TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy System UR5 Collaborative Robotic Loading

One of our favorite packages to build at Royal Master Grinders, this machine is a highly versatile system. It uses a Universal Robotics UR5, ONRobot EOAT and fingers that are produced by an additive manufacturing process. With this combination, the system is flexible for multiple part diameters and lengths. Loading from a pallet with Kaiser Manufacturing Kaizen foam trays. This keeps parts separated and organized when they cannot come in contact with each other.

How accurate is the High-Accuracy Machine? Since it was first introduced in the 1970's, the High-Accuracy machine has gone from .0001” to .000010.” Straight and round are the standard for our High-Accuracy equipment. With its innovative machine control and capability for automation, it is an amazing centerless grinding machine with limitless possibilities.

Using a 24” HMI and a three panel interface for multiple screens that can be open at one time, you can easily program in the programs for CNC Dressing.

Configuration options range from over the wheel template dressing to full CNC dressing for both the work and regulating wheels. This gives you 7 axis of CNC control.

The High-Accuracy package includes the options of simple operator assist loading and full robotic systems, both conventional and collaborative.

The system at IMTS 2022 features a UR5 collaborative robot and a palletized part. Using the Kaiser manufacturing Kaizen Shadow Foam for the hydraulic valve we are grinding, the parts are protected from any damage. The UR5 loads and unloads in one swift motion for a highly efficient system. The addition of a Keyence gauging system has benefits for process monitoring and quality assurance. The information can be fed back to the machine for trending and a wealth of uses.

The BEDROCK machine foundation is based on a 8” thick Starrett surface plate lapped to .0002” over its entire surface, and each component built up from there is deserving of the Hi-Accuracy name. The ram bed position control is our high-accuracy frictionless cross roller way with ball screw and servo motor movement. A glass scale with one tenth of a micron resolution reports the position to the machine controller. Making a diameter compensation of .00001” is easy and accurate.

The wheel spindles are supported by class 7 ABEC angular contact ball bearings. This high quality, rigid spindle support design yields long life with superior size control.

The machine automatically reports its functions to the Advanced Machine Optimization (AMO.) By activating the AMO feature, the grinder will start to report machine specific information to either the machine’s control or your in-house network. Receive up to date reports of machine performance and reminders of your PM based on time of use. Check error logs, part counts, cycle times, part numbers and more. With AMO, you can stay connected to your grinding process and receive up to date information to optimize your manufacturing process.

TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy System UR5 Collaborative Robotic Loading Is:

Flexible loading and unloading system that’s perfect for large quantities or small production lots

Low cost / flexible pallet design using Kaiser Manufacturing ridged foam inserts

Universal Robotics Collaborative Robot, ONRobot End Effectors and additive manufactured EOAT

12” Diameter Grinding Wheel, 6” Diameter Regulating wheel

Variable Frequency Drive on grinding wheel spindle for super abrasives or maintaining constant surface footage when grinding.

Infeed and Thrufeed Grind Capability

Password protection on operator interface

Programmable Infeed Cycles can be saved and recalled with unique file names from a library

Thrufeed Grind with fine resolution positioning to 0.000,010” of an inch or 1/4 micron increments

5” of Ram Bed travel allowing for removal of Grinding Wheel

Available SBS Wheel balancing and Acoustic Emissions

Remote Connectivity using Teamviewer Application

The Highlights

TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy System UR5 Collaborative Robotic Loading

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