BOOTH N-6626
IMTS 2021

Machine Highlights

MACHINE # 1: TG-12×4 Servo Cycle Machine

    • Designed with a Ball Screw and Servo Motor with Rotary Encoder for Ram Bed Positioning
    • Dressing is done by programmable Stepping Motors, no hydraulics
    • Servo Motor Regulating Wheel Drive is standard Equipment
    • Optional Linear Glass Scale
    • Easy to Use Touch Screen Operator Interface with Remote Connectivity and AMO option
    • Programmable Infeed Cycles can be saved and recalled with unique file names
    • 2” of Ram Bed travel allowing for removal of Grinding Wheel
    • All Types of Automation available from Robotics to Operator Assist Devices
    • Post Process Gauge Feedback
    • Clean uncluttered look


MACHINE # 2: TG-12×4 Thrufeed Microsize

  • Using a pulse generator to achieve .00001” (.00025mm) sizing Incrementations as an alternative to the standard .0001“ dial indicator
  • Dressing is done by programmable Stepping Motors, no hydraulics
  • Servo Motor Regulating Wheel Drive is standard Equipment
  • .000004” glass scale and digital readout with the thrufeed microsize
  • Clean uncluttered look



MACHINE # 3: TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy System (NEW Machine Control!)

  • New Machine control with 24” touchscreen and easy to use “menu-less “ format
  • The computer is a 2.4 Giga Hertz processor and with the option of our CNC Dresser, runs G code for dressing profiles.
  • There is a user friendly up-front software package for simple interaction.
  • The operator has options to customize the user interface and display 3 active screens simultaneously.
  • This means the controller runs more programs simultaneously which is faster and has greater expansion capabilities for I/O.
  • The Ether Cat network provides for much simpler diagnosis and configuration from main screen for remote connections.
  • Easy to use Gauge Feedback from most systems found world wide
  • AMO Compatible
  • Starrett Surface Plate Granite Machine bed with less then .0002” flatness.
  • Accurate Size Compensations in .00001” ( .000025mm) incrementations
  • Four Different Dressing Options for both Work and Regulating wheel
    • Standard Template Tracing Over the Wheel
    • Automatic and Programmable Template Tracing over the wheel Dressing
    • Over the Wheel CNC
    • Horizontal CNC for the Grinding wheel using either a Rotary Diamond Disk or Diamond Tool
  • Many automation options available

MACHINE # 4: TG-12×4 CNC Centerless Grinding System with Robotic Automation


  • Model TG-12×4 centerless grinder with full 7 Axis of CNC capabilities
  • The machine has a FANUC Robot to load and unload parts from a stack of multiple pallets.
  • Automatic Gauging and Feedback to the machine
  • Partnering with Keyence for a fully automatic Gauging solution
  • Starrett Granite Surface Plate machine bed with less than .0002” flatness
  • Ascetically pleasing enclosure for both the machine and robot
  • AMO smart machine software package with connectivity to Android, IOS and Windows Platforms
  • Wheel Balance system with Acoustic Emissions Gap Elimination


MACHINE # 5: TG-12×8 Thrufeed Grinding 8,000 Parts Per Hour. YES, 8,000 PPH!

  • We are running a vitrified CBN wheel that is diamond tool dressable.
  • Running at 9000 surface feet per minute with multi-grit stages across the wheel face
  • Step Feeder From Lipe Automation
  • The grinder is equipped with a standard Starrett surface plate Granite Bed,
  • Spindle Design engineered with Timken for the most robust system. Confirmed by FEMA Analysis by Timken engineers
  • Stepper motors and ball screws to our dressers for programmable traverse rates as standard equipment.
  • Regulating wheel servo drive with 170 foot pounds of continuous torque, with a 10:1 gearbox
  • 10HP Main Motor with Optional 15hp


MACHINE # 6: TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy System

  • Straddle bearing Regulating wheel design with 80mm diameter Timken bearings
  • .01 Micron resolution on diameter control as well as CNC dresser axis
  • Anti-friction cross roller ways enable accurate .00001” diameter compensations
  • Standard 10hp motor, Optional 15HP main motor
  • Standard Regulating Wheel Servo Drive
  • Multiple machine enclosure options for every budget
  • Operator Assist Feeding Device for many part Geometries
  • Programmable Dressers with stepping motor traverse and programmable


MACHINE # 7: Generation X3 (New Machine System)

  • New to the Royal Master Lineup, this 9 axis grinding system is revolutionary in design.
    • With systems similar to this on the current market, only one grinding wheel is used. It takes extra time for them to remove large amounts of material. With the GX3 machine we use a primary grinding wheel to remove the majority of the material, then use the secondary grinding wheel to make the more intricate shapes in the part.
  • Grinding Endodontic Files
  • New machine enclosure
  • Robotic unloading of parts available
  • Post Process Gauging Feedback
  • Feed raw Material from a spool. NiTi or SS spooled wire (Fort Wayne SLT)