Royal Master TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy Centerless Grinder

The TG-12×8 and the TG 12×4 share the same controls system, but that’s where the similarities stop. The TG-12×8 with its wider grinding and regulating wheels provide centerpiece for this robust machine platform. The ability to grind up to 3” in diameter is impressive, but on the same machine grind down to .002” in diameter is amazing. The High Accuracy platform makes accurate size compensations in .00001” as easy as touching a button. The system has standard dressing, automatic dressing, over the wheel CNC for either Grinding or Regulating Wheels. Horizontal Rotary Diamond Disk CNC is available for the grinding wheel.

The TG-12x8 High Accuracy machine is versatile, a workhorse, robust, easy to operate, and lives up to the quality you expect from a Royal Master Centerless Grinder. We have installed a variety of 12x8 High Accuracy systems from basic machines to fully automated with safety enclosures

It is a machine to accommodate many different applications and companies. It is a very popular system for thrufeed grinding with diamond wheels due to the outboard bearing system on the grinding wheel. In addition, we infeed grind a lot of larger diameter parts with multiple diameters using the CNC horizontal CNC Dresser.

The machine at IMTS 2022 is grinding a hand loaded part into the formed wheels and a profiled work rest blade. The ram bed’s positioning to increments of 4 millionths of an inch or 1/10th of a micron. The movement is over frictionless cross rollerways.

The 1.5-inch diameter part is ground on two diameters with a large diameter head which remains unground. The grinding wheel form is dressed with a single point diamond traversing in an over the wheel template profile. The regulating wheel is also dressed with a template trace and a single point diamond. These wheel dressers use a motor drive with ball screw automatic traverse.

Ram Bed positioning is coordinated with the Parker machine control. The operator interface is a 24-inch touch screen with Windows 10 along with the latest hardware and user-friendly software. Screens are easily navigated and provide flexibility of parameter inputs, retrieval of pre-saved grind recipes and dress recipes as well as communication to feed systems. Remote access for diagnostic tools and report sending are standard.

The machine sits on our 8” (203mm) thick Starrett surface plate quality granite. The granite bed forms a perfect platform for such a robust spindle design. The granite is  known for its rigidity and thermal properties and provides a superior platform to other machines on the market. It is as strong as those who have machine platforms twice the physical size of the TG-12×8.

The main spindle motor is 10 Hp. The entire Ram Bed swivels with the Work Rest Holder to simplify adjustments and changeovers. The Operator Control Screen provides digital setting of Regulating Wheel Speed, Wheel Dressing parameters as well as other standard machine controls.

The TG-12×8 Hi-Accuracy system is:

12” Diameter Grinding Wheel 8” wide, 8” Diameter 8” wide Regulating wheel

Variable Frequency Drive on grinding wheel spindle for super abrasives or maintaining constant surface footage when grinding.

Outboard bearing on grinding wheel for an extremely ridged design allowing for high stock removal rates on hard materials

Infeed and Thrufeed Grind Capability

Password protection on operator interface

Programmable Infeed Cycles can be saved and recalled with unique file names from a library

Infeed and Thrufeed Grind with fine resolution positioning to 0.000,010” of an inch or 1/4 micron increments

5” of Ram Bed travel allowing for removal of Grinding Wheel

Available SBS Wheel balancing and Acoustic Emissions

Remote Connectivity using Teamviewer Application

The Highlights

TG 12x8 Hi Accuracy

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