Royal Master Needle Grinding System

There are many types of needles, such as Trocar, Menghini, and Franseen. Companies grind a wide variety of these needles, either in high volume or with frequent changeovers. As Royal Master delved into this industry, we discovered the capability to integrate numerous systems into our grinding machine. The latest addition is a cutting machine, available as a standalone unit or integrated into the grinder’s loading system. Using a FANUC robotic arm, we can grind 14 needles at a time, with cycles as quick as 2.2 seconds per needle, including loading and unloading.

Needle grinding is a dynamic industry that continually challenges us with innovative engineering requests from customers worldwide. We say "yes" to 99% of these inquiries, constantly expanding our system's capabilities. Recently, we've integrated a Cognex inspection station showcased at MDM West 2024, along with loading and unloading systems, tube cutting, and part bending.

Our system features an EOAT with full rotation capabilities for parts held in individual collets, ensuring near-perfect rotational accuracy and enabling Menghini profiles. Processing 14 needles at a time might seem slow, but with automatic loading and unloading and zero operator input, our system is 35-38% faster than other needle grinding systems. Ultimately, it’s about maximizing the “in the bucket” output at the end of the day.

A FANUC robot moves the EOAT between the loader and the grinding wheels. Depending on the part profile, the robot may stay engaged with the wheel or rotate parts to create facets. For secondary angle or heel grinds, the robot adjusts the EOAT angle accordingly, eliminating scrap due to rotation failure or other common issues.

People often ask about the difficulty of programming and operating the machine. The answer is simple: it’s not difficult. You don’t need to be a robot or needle programming expert. Our engineers and programmers have created an intuitive system where you simply input numbers that the machine prompts. For example, grinding a trocar requires just six numbers, and a Franseen requires eight. All operations are managed through the operator interface, not the FANUC pendant, streamlining the process for the user.

The Needle Grinding System is:

A fresh and efficient grinding and part handling approach to a growing industry

Custom EOAT that can be adapted to other types of manufacturing challenges

Unique way to grind up to 14 parts at one time, then eliminate the need for multiple post processes that were done by hand with previous manufacturing methods.

Automatic loading solution for a wide range of part diameters while keeping tooling cost low

The Highlights

Royal Master Needle Grinding System

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