TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy System with CNC Dressing and Robotic Loading

The Royal Master TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy systems have ground thousands of geometries for companies all over the world. Our TG-12×4 machine at IMTS will be equipped with CNC dressing, Fanuc robotic loading and an innovative pallet loading system for raw material. At completion of the grind, the part will be unloaded, cleaned, gauged and palletized. The gauge will check all 5 part diameters and send feedback to the machine’s control. The onboard analytical suite will graph the part diameters for real time information on production run.

Royal Master Grinder’s high accuracy system is exactly what the name implies, a centerless grinder that is built for the tightest tolerance applications. This 7 axis CNC machine is grinding a five diameter part as well as cleaning, gauging and repalletizing the parts. The machine takes the data that is accumulated and charts it on the screen as well as accumulates it into an onboard database for future data collection.

The machine operating in our booth is grinding parts with a 12” diameter 4” wide grinding wheel which has a variable speed. As it is dressed, it will automatically change RPM to maintain surface footage. This way your grinding cycle times will remain constant as the wheel is dressed and gets smaller. It is also highly capable of using super-abrasives for more exotic materials.

A Starrett surface plate provides a perfect place to begin with the machine’s description. It is lapped to .0002” over the entire surface of the granite. On top of the granite, we build a highly accurate system that is capable of grinding to under .00001” round and straight. The ram bed position control is our high accuracy frictionless cross roller way with ball screw and servo motor movement. A glass scale with one tenth of a micron resolution reports the position to the machine controller. The HMI is 24″ touch screen with all machine function controls.

The new innovative machine control is highly intuitive for all skill levels. Daily interaction is simple and easy to navigate. For the CNC dressers, programming can be done through the onboard wizards, and you can watch your dress path being programmed as each data point is input. If you choose to program in G-code, this is also available on the machine for dressing both wheels.

The wheel spindles are supported by class 7 ABEC angular contact ball bearings. This high quality rigid spindle support design yields long life with superior roundness and size control.

The machine has a FANUC Robot to load and unload parts from a stack of multiple pallets in a unique vertical pallet storage system. The FANUC Robot is totally contained within the machine’s enclosure. The enclosure has access doors that, when open, allow for complete access to the Robot and Pallet stack. When the machine is operating, the enclosure doors are electronically interlocked for safety. The Robot loads and unloads two parts at a time automatically. The next part is placed immediately into the grind zone for fast and efficient cycle time.

The full machine enclosure provides for a safe, clean and quiet environment. Direct mounted air mist filtration keeps the air clean. Electronic interlocks on door openings keep operators away from moving parts as well as adhering to custom safety requirements. Coolant is well contained within the enclosure and channeled troughways as it recirculates to the paper media coolant filtration system. The electrical cabinet houses all electronic hardware in a spacious, convenient and well organized enclosure. The person tending to the machine doesn’t have to interrupt the grinding to exchange pallets.

Keyence has partnered with us in providing a post process part measurement gauge. This has a rapid scan capability to report multiple dimensions and feed back to the grinder control for automatic compensation.

Schmitt Industries has partnered with us in providing an SBS Dynamic Wheel Balancer with Acoustic Emissions. This equipment can be installed to provide the best vibration analysis and control of the grinding wheel balance and eliminating non-contact dressing passes of the CNC Wheel Dressers and non-contact grinding movement with each infeed grind cycle.

The TG-12×4 Hi-Accuracy system is:

NEW Concept Vertical Loading system that allows the operator to never interrupt the production of the machine to remove or add pallets to the storage rack

Low cost / flexible pallet design using Kaiser Manufacturing ridged foam inserts

Fanuc Robot, End Effectors and additive manufactured EOAT
After Grinding, capability to Clean and Gauge the part. Smart Machine technology will accumulate gauged part data and display on the screen

12” Diameter Grinding Wheel, 6” Diameter Regulating wheel
Variable Frequency Drive on grinding wheel spindle for super abrasives or maintaining constant surface footage when grinding.

Infeed and Thrufeed Grind Capability

Password protection on operator interface

Programmable Infeed Cycles can be saved and recalled with unique file names from a library

Thrufeed Grind with fine resolution positioning to 0.000,010” of an inch or 1/4 micron increments

5” of Ram Bed travel allowing for removal of Grinding Wheel

Available SBS Wheel balancing and Acoustic Emissions

Remote Connectivity using Teamviewer Application

The Highlights

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