TG-12×4 Thrufeed Microsize

The TG-12×4 Microsize presents an excellent option for projects requiring higher accuracy than what standard sizing dials can provide, without necessitating the precision of the Hi-Accuracy models. Operators can easily adjust size compensations using a pulse generator pendant, with increments as fine as .00004” (1 micron). Additionally, this machine is well-suited for customers who prefer the convenience of glass scales with digital readouts, enhancing ease of operation.

Thrufeed grinding of many different types of parts has become easier with the Royal Master Thrufeed Microsize system. With the addition of a stepping motor on the ram, as well as a hand-held pulse generator, the operator has finite control over the regulating wheel’s positioning for size.

Many customers that use the Microsize are grinding carbide or ceramic materials with diamond wheels. They find that compensating for size is simple and easy, and they can utilize fine grit diamond wheels without concerns. Sizing in the regulating wheel in 1 micron increments gives the operator precise control over the part’s diameter. However, the Microsize also makes set-ups easier. The Microsize has a set-up mode that allows the operator to run the machine in a safe mode with the wheels off. They can dial the regulating wheel back up to 2” in stroke to allow access for easy grinding wheel changes.

The TG-12×4 has been a current production model for over 70 years, and its evolution since its introduction has been constant. Many types of new automation have been coupled with the machine to increase its productivity. For thrufeed grinding, we have added step, bowl, and magazine feeding systems. Post grinding, gauging with feedback can be added and a full suite of data analytics are available.

The Thrufeed Microsize system includes:

12” Diameter Grinding Wheel, 6” Diameter Regulating wheel

Optional Variable Frequency Drive on grinding wheel spindle for super abrasives or maintaining constant surface footage when grinding

Thrufeed Grind capability

Thrufeed Grind with fine resolution positioning to 0.000,010” of an inch or 1/4 micron increments

2” of Ram Bed travel allowing for removal of Grinding Wheel

Available SBS Wheel balancing and acoustic emissions

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TG-12x4 Thrufeed Microsize

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