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Generation X CNC Micromachining System

Grinding down to .0008” in diameter? That may be a once in a lifetime project, but the GX machine has the capability to grind down that small with the most complex geometries possible. Highly accomplished in the medical device and micro machining industries, the GX machine has made billions of guidewires worldwide as well as endodontic files and fiber posts for the dental industries. The standard machine package comes with 3 axis of motion, and up to 9 axis are available for more complex part geometries. There are no limits to the complexity of the parts the machine can make. Recently added to its portfolio of accomplishments is efficient grinding of core pins in 1/3 the time of current production methods.

Grinding small diameter parts started with Royal Master back in the 1960’s, when we ground cat gut suture for the medical device industry. With the development of an insert work rest blade, we were quickly approached about grinding simple angioplasty wires.

Fast forward to the first Generation of CNC guidewire grinders in 1983, then to the 6th Generation which we have named the GX. During those almost 40 years, billions of guidewires were manufactured for non-invasive heart operations and other procedures.

With over 250 GX units shipped worldwide, this machine makes some of the most intricately ground parts in the world. One of our favorites parts are endodontic files, and their very unique cross sectional shapes. Recently, we have been working with core pin companies to use the grinding technology to manufacture core pins from a bar of raw material. The main super-abrasive grinding wheel rough grinds the blank, and the secondary grinding wheel finish grinds the part. At the competition of the grind, it is parted off and the process repeats.

For IMTS 2022, we are grinding a part at the opposite end of the spectrum: a small Nickel Titanium part that the raw material starts at .014” in diameter. This intricate part is one of our favorite customer applications as it showcases not only the primary grinding wheel, but also the secondary grinding wheel on the machine.

The Generation X system is:

A micro-machining grinding system that specializes in parts that have intricate shapes down to .0008”

Grind Radii, Flats, tapers, threads and any other geometry that you can think of.

Up to 9 axis of CNC control

Two grinding wheels are used to create exotic shapes while minimizing cycle time

Grind many types of materials including NiTi and Inconel

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Generation X CNC Micromachining System

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