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TG-12×4 Thrufeed

This is the Royal Master Grinders Model TG-12×4 Centerless Grinder set up to thrufeed grind. The machine is hand loaded but has an exit side collection ramp and bulk collection container. This makes it convenient for one person to continuously load parts in to the grinder for mid to high volume production.

The Ram Bed Position Control has our upgrade option of a Ball Screw with Step Motor. The Pulse Generator dial allows for fine adjustment in increments of ten millionths of an inch. The Glass Scale Encoder Display gives a real position of the Ram Bed as it moves over Dovetail and Gib. This is a low-cost machine option and yet it will hold a .0001” diameter tolerance.

There have been many updates to the machine base and the controls. All machines come standard with a Servo Drive for the Regulating Wheel. The Regulating Wheel speed is controlled by a touch screen operator interface. This machine has Air Dressers on both the Work and the Regulating Wheels. Motor driven cross feed is now standard on all dressers. With this motor cross feed, there are no hydraulics on the machine and speed setting of the diamond traverse is digital and precise. This dress feature uses templates for tracing the profile.

The first thing you notice is the “CLEAN” look to the machine base. No gauges, no hand wheels, no hang on boxes. Everything is “put away” where it belongs. The machine base and the machine bed are both larger to provide a stable platform for the grinding. Coolant containment is enhanced by the broader platform and deeper troughways. Fork lift access slots make machine lifting much easier.

The “Basic Thrufeed Machine” is cost efficient to purchase, capable of fast set-ups and simplified changeovers. This machine can grind a wide variety of materials with the change of a grinding wheel. Super-abrasive wheels like CBN or diamond wheels are used for Carbide, Ceramic or other hard materials. Close tolerance work is accomplished in either high volume or low quantity jobs.

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